Kenes Rakishev is ready to finance the best application for learning of  Kazakh language

At the international digital forum Digital Almaty, one of the most influential entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, Kenes Rakishev, speaking at the plenary session, proposed to the Minister of Science and Higher Education Sayasat Nurbek to develop the most effective application for learning the Kazakh language.

Offering his idea, Kenes Rakishev said he was ready to fully fund the initiative.

“What do you think? Is it possible that we now jointly make and announce a competition and this competition will sound like this: Let’s make the best world application thanks to all these people I am ready to finance myself and make the best application for learning the Kazakh language, which will be better and top in the world. Let’s ask the Minister to support, I am ready to finance and we will show not just to the whole world, but we will show that our IT specialists are the best”, – said Kenes Rakishev.

Following the initiative, Kazakhstan’s Minister of Science and Higher Education, Sayasat Nurbek, hinted that he would support Kenes Rakishev’s proposal, noting, “We’re on board”.

Rakishev’s skills and experience is vital for the project

Entrepreneur Kenes Rakishev has extensive experience in leading high-tech projects. In addition, he can use his good connections in the startup world to develop an app’s idea and quickly assemble the necessary team.

Kazakhstan’s future position as a nation lies in the education of our youth. At Digital Almaty 2024, I spoke today with @SayasatNurbek and other experts about why must strengthen the training of our specialists – tweeted Rakishev after the meeting.

Kenes Rakishev pays great attention to the development of the national culture of Kazakhstan. He is a popularizer of Kazakh culture, music and language. The charitable foundation Saby, of which he is the founder, constantly organizes contests dedicated to Kazakh poetry, songs and music. Kenes Rakishev finances many cultural programs in Kazakhstan. Rakishev authored several books on the culture and customs of the Great Steppe.

A special place in Kenes Rakishev’s activities is occupied by the Shokan Valikhanov School. This is a modern private school in Almaty, built and operating according to the highest standards of education. Not so long ago Kenes Rakishev opened a new building of the school for senior classes. The school pays great attention to the promotion and study of Kazakh culture.

Kenes Rakishev takes the 20th place in the list of “50 most influential businessmen of Kazakhstan – 2023” of Forbes magazine. He is the sole owner of Fincraft Group LLP, which controls 78.39% of shares of Fincraft Resources JSC (ex SAT & Company) and BTA Bank JSC. The Group operates in Kazakhstan, the United States, Eastern Europe, Cyprus and the Isle of Man.

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