Meet Solordi Inu, a Utility Meme Driving Solana’s Push into Web3 Gaming

Chicago, USA, 5th March 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Solordi Inu $SOLO is making waves in the meme ecosystem, except this time, it’s bringing the first gaming utility to the ever powerful Solana blockchain.The meme coin originally launched as the first Bitcoin Ordinal Inscription on Solana – hence the name ‘Sol – Ordi’, but always had utility within the founding team’s DNA. Solordi is pushing the boundaries as it relates to the intersection of both GameFi and DeFi within the Solana ecosystem.

Inspired by the latest innovation by Apple Vision pro, the dev team set out on a mission for the holders of their AR NFTs to scan a QR code and have Solordi as a RWA (real world asset) via mobile device. Marking a milestone in digital innovation, Solordi has unveiled the world’s first AR (augmented reality)  NFTs on Magic Eden, setting a new standard in how users interact with digital art and blockchain technology.

A Partnership is Brewing: The team has been working closely with Solana Lab’s new division, GameShift on developing a game which connects Web3 assets with Web2 gameplay quality. Through its prospective game launch, “Solordia: The Saga Begins,” Solordi embarks on a quest to redefine gaming norms by enabling players in a third person, battle royale shooter game with a Kill2Earn tokenomics model. The NFTs associated with in-game “skins’ could also potentially be related to additional player rewards, based on how long players lock in their in-game NFTs into their player profiles. Similar to the ever popular Fortnite by Epic Games, the team is working to utilize Unreal Engine 5 for high quality gameplay.

Tokenomics: The biggest utility for Solordi is their in-game rewards for players. The team aims to enable rewards based on NFTs that the players hold. The NFTs or “in-game skins” can be used within the game to enhance the look of their character. In addition, as a method of rewarding long term players and holders, the team aims to allocate some of the team’s token allocation to public airdrops of the NFTs as well as rewards for holding the NFT. Additionally, ranked players within their game have the potential to earn additional SPL tokens either via Solana or Solordi as they win and climb the ranks during Battle Royale based tournaments.

The Team: The core dev team is based in the US and have been in the Web3 industry for over 15 years. As their experience relates to the Solana Blockchain, the were inspired by how Bonk, Solana’s meme coin leader, developed DeFi use cases but still maintained their meme towards marketing. Similarly, Solordi devs believe that the Web3 gaming infrastructure is yet to be tapped on the most efficient, scaleable, and secure blockchain in Solana. The recent gains in Solana, confirm the dev team’s conviction for the massive growth. The team frequently hosts Twitter Spaces with great community backing the hype on the team’s official Telegram.

Roadmap & Partners: Soloridi has already made waves as they have been listed on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, along with juggernaut Solana DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges) Jupiter and Raydium. They have also inked a partnership with Gotbit to provide Market Making services and to help promote the coin. They are also working closely with Solana Labs and Solana’s GameShift to define what their engagement can turn into in the near future. The team’s roadmap covers the launch of their upcoming Web3 game, followed by multiple CEX listings, and a token burn when reaching a 9 figure market cap.

To Learn More. Visit, immerse yourself in our Telegram and Discord communities, and seize the opportunity to invest in Solordi ($SOLO), charting a course towards a revolutionary Solana blockchain gaming and investment future.

About Solordi: With a mission to revolutionize the gaming and cryptocurrency landscapes, Solordi melds AR NFTs with its native digital currency, $SOLO, to forge an unparalleled interactive experience. Driven by innovation and a commitment to community, Solordi is on a trajectory to redefine the boundaries of blockchain engagement.