Newfield Law Group Propels Forward: Leading the Charge in Documenting Disability Insurance Claims and Beyond

Newfield Law Group on Disability Insurance Claims and Beyond

In New York and throughout the country, Jason Newfield, Esq. is a distinguished figure in legal representation, helping people for the past two decades to secure long term disability insurance benefits (and often other important ancillary benefits such as long term health care and life insurance).  He has assisted residents of New York State and the United States in ERISA (group) and other long-term disability and long-term care insurance claims, appeals and litigations. Disability attorney Jason Newfield has litigated in Federal Courts throughout the country and is referred cases from attorneys nationwide.

His areas of specific focus are ERISA group and private individual long-term disability claims.  He represents those seeking to file an initial claim for benefits, those who are involved in the claim process and need guidance, those whose claims have been denied or terminated and need an appeal to support the claim, and those who need to pursue litigation against the disability insurance company.   

For those navigating the complexities of ERISA, or in developing the necessary support for a disability insurance claim, Jason Newfield, Esq. serves as a beacon of reliable and trustworthy legal support and representation. His approach in dealing with disability insurance claims is efficient and effective and leverages his more than twenty years of experience and deep relationships with medical experts to support his client’s claims. 

Jason Newfield, Esq. adeptly manages legal representation for clients with a wide spectrum of medical issues.  From claims for orthopedic problems for a dentist, to a chronic fatigue claim for a start-up founder, to a cardiac claim for a salesperson, his expertise extends from addressing the development of vocational support to a deep appreciation of the medical issues and resultant limitations in functionality, all to support the claim for benefits.  His client-centric approach ensures personalized legal strategies to smoothly navigate the challenging process of pursuing disability insurance benefits.

In addition, Jason Newfield, Esq. represents those pursuing benefits under long-term care insurance policies, where the insurance companies are wrongfully denying claims, causing great financial challenges to individuals and their families.  Jason Newfield helps those with denied long-term care insurance claims receive the benefits due.

Jason Newfield, Esq. is based in Melville, New York and works with claimants throughout the country. He is known for treating each of his clients with the utmost attention, emphasizing empathy and respect for them and their families, while working best to deliver the maximum money to the client. His strategic skill is evident as he crafts effective legal strategies, leveraging his rich knowledge of ERISA and how cases are handled throughout the country.

Clients engaging Jason Newfield, Esq. can expect meticulous and professional legal services, characterized by thorough preparation, strategic planning and consideration of all outcomes and effective representation, both in and out of court.  

“My commitment is to aggressively represent and support my clients during a difficult time in their lives; to support them, to advocate for them, and to fight for them like they were my own family member,” states Jason Newfield, Esq.

These are not empty words, as Mr. Newfield represented a family member early in his career who had been wrongfully denied her disability insurance benefits by a major insurance company. He understands the challenges facing the individuals and their families when insurance companies fail to fulfill their contractual obligations.

Positive testimonials on Google, Avvo, and Yelp highlight the significant impact of his dedicated legal services. Mr Newfield holds the highest possible ranking, AV-Preeminent 5 out of 5 credential from Martindale, from one of the world’s most prominent legal publishing companies.

Jason Newfield, Esq. renowned national disability insurance lawyer extends an invitation for a complimentary consultation to those confronted with disability insurance claim issues, offering a chance to explore how his experience in this highly focused field can help navigate the complexities of the legal system and disability insurance law.

About Us: Situated in Melville, New York, Jason Newfield, Esq. is a renowned national disability insurance lawyer, offering robust legal representation across various disability and long-term care issues and situations. His vast experience has led to many successful case resolutions, claim approvals and client satisfaction.

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